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Can you use a regular printer for a sublimation printer?

Can you use a regular printer for a sublimation printer?

Everyone does not have a sublimation printer for printing photos and videos. This is why many people want to use any printer for sublimation. But the answer to this question is no, you can not use a regular printer.

Because every printer does not have the specific features or needs to handle the sublimation ink and heat, your printer must have features that can handle this ink. Let’s move on and explore everything that you need to know about sublimation printers. 

What is a Sublimation printer?

It prints different things like clothing, mugs, and phone cases. You can also customize it with other beautiful colors according to your preference. 

This process is also called the sublimation printing process. In this process, you use sublimation ink to print pictures onto a sheet of paper. You can use this ink on different paper, such as fabrics and ceramics. This ink is excellent because of its durability. This means it does not fade or crack easily. 

Additionally, you use a sublimation printer for this process. You can use this printer to print on many things, like mugs, t-shirts, wallets, etc. The main feature of a sublimation printer is that it gives you a high-quality result. 

Can Any Printer Be Used For Sublimation?

No, every printer can not be used for sublimation! Because the sublimation printers or printing requires a special kind of sublimation ink. Because it turns that in togas when heated, turns into a gas, and joins the substance.

If you are using regular printers for printing heads, this ink can not handle this ink. But keep in mind that it is better if you are using the ink 

according to the demand of the printers.

How to Choose a Sublimation Printer

Here are the key factors you must consider when buying a printer! 

1. Print Head Type

The one basic thing you must keep in mind. When purchasing the printer, you must select the printer with a piezo print head. You can buy the Epson models because the quality of these printers is that they can easily handle the sublimation ink. 

2. Ink Compatibility

You have to make sure that the printer requires sublimation ink. After purchasing many printers, owners worry that they do not accept sublimation ink. So, remember to check the requirements of the model. Will my printer support sublimation ink or not? 

3. Print Size

When you go to purchase the sublimation printer, must check the size! That means checking where you have to keep your printer for printing. Then, decide which size suits you according to the area or space. This means your Sublimation printer setup should look and also make it eye-catching. 

4. Print Quality

Never compromise on the quality of the printer. The best quality will give you the best outcome! You have to look for the best Sublimation print quality that is available with a high-level resolution. Because it will give you the best and desired result. So, buy a high-quality sublimation printer for printing! 

5. Ease of Use

If you are starting your new business printing or you are a beginner. So, you have to choose a printer that is easy and simple to use. This means your sublimation printer should have user-friendly features.

Such as easy ink replacement, simple interface, etc. Additionally, all features will save you precious time. And you can print many pieces of paper at a specific time. 

 6. Cost and Budget

The most important factor is budget! Many people can not afford the high price of printers. If you are also one of them, pick a printer that is not more expensive. 

But one thing to remember is that it should also be of good quality. You can buy an inkjet printer., Because it is available at a reasonable price without compromising the quality. 

Popular Sublimation Printers

  • Epson SureColor F170
  • Sawgrass SG500
  • Epson EcoTank ET-15000
  • Epson Workforce WF-7720
  • Sawgrass SG1000
  • Epson SureColor F570
  • Ricoh SG 3110DN
  • Mimaki TS100-1600
  • Epson Stylus C88+
  • Epson SureColor T3170x

How do sublimation printer works compared to regular inkjet printers

Sublimation printers required a special kind of paper. The dye turns into gas and sticks to different materials, such as; making dark, fabric, etc. On the other hand, regular printers require liquid ink on the sheet. If you want to use it daily, regular printing is a good choice. And if you wish for long-lasting durability, a sublimation printer is an excellent choice. 

Can I Convert A Printer To A Sublimation Printer?

It is feasible, though tricky, to convert any printer into a sublimation printer. You must turn off the standard ink you use to print and transform it. And you have you have to use sublimation ink and compatible paper.

But keep in mind that many regular printers can not accept it. So, to convert the printer to sublimation, you have to check all the requirements for your printer. It will ensure whether it is suitable for your printing process or not. 

Additionally, during converting, you need to tweak settings and ensure good ventilation because the sublimation ink works differently than all.

For the best outcome, it’s better to purchase the sublimation printer instead of converting it because it will give you the best result you deserve. 

What type of materials can be printed with sublimation ink?

Sublimation ink works fantastic on different types of materials. Like polyester-coated items (phone cases, mugs, etc.) and polyester fabrics. And certain kinds of specially coasted paper. Furthermore, these materials can easily absorb the ink when you heat them. It also gives you the best durability. 

Tips for optimal results with sublimation ink

It’s time to explore the tips and tricks to get the best results with sublimation ink!

Use High-Quality Sublimation Paper:

Remember that the sublimation paper should be good in quality because a good paper will give you the desired result. 

Maintain Proper Heat and Pressure: 

When you are printing, the temperature should be according to the material. The high material can affect the quality of the prints. So, the temperature should be normal. It will give the best durability. 

Pre-Treat Fabric: 

Consider pre-treating the fabric with a polyester pretreatment solution if you’re sublimating onto it. Sharper and more detailed prints are produced due to improved ink absorption and color vibrancy. 

Choose the Right Materials:

Keep in mind that you cannot use all material for sublimation printing. You should use polyester-coated sublimation printing materials, whether it is cups, phone cases, etc. So, to get the result, you have to avoid using materials made of cotton. 

Allow Sufficient Cooling Time: 

Let your printed items cool completely after sublimation before handling or packing them. This lessens the likelihood that the printed picture may smear or distort. 

Final Thoughts: Sublimation printer

We have now covered all the information you require regarding sublimation printers. A unique type of printer is the sublimation printer. Sublimation ink is used to print various items, such as; used for printing on t-shirts, mugs, and mobile covers, with beautiful customization. 

Additionally, the sublimation printer is famous for its high-level print. So, purchase the sublimation printer or convert your regular printer into it and start your fantastic creativity. 

FAQS: Sublimation printer

Q1: What is sublimation ink?

A: A special printer is used to print different products like mugs, t-shirts, etc. 

Q2: What is a sublimation paper?

A: To transfer your graphics to other materials, utilize sublimation paper and ink.   

Q3: What are the limitations of sublimation printers?

A: Print only polyester-coated and light-colored materials with a sublimation printer. 

Q4: What products can I produce with the sublimation printer?

A: You can produce many products with the sublimation printer like;

  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Phone cases
  • Mousepads
  • Tote bags

Q5: Can you use sublimation ink for regular printing?

A: If you use a regular printer, you cannot use sublimation ink easily. 

Q6: What’s the difference between sublimation ink and regular ink?

A: Unlike ordinary ink, which stays liquid and prints on paper, sublimation ink changes into a gas when heated, creating permanent prints. 

Q7: Do I need special paper for sublimation printing?

A: You must use specific paper for printing if you have a sublimation printer.  

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