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Can You Use an HP Printer For Sublimation?

Can You Use an HP Printer For Sublimation?

You are concerned about using an HP printer for sublimation printing. Before printing you thought to search about it, it’s good you have researched. Let us inform you that you cannot use an HP printer for sublimation.

This is because HP printers operate on a thermal heat process, while sublimation printing works by heating ink until it becomes a gas, which gets absorbed into the material. When it cools down, the ink solidifies and creates bright and long-lasting designs. 

Continue reading for further clarification and answering your queries. We have covered almost everything related to the use of printer for sublimation. So, let’s move forward without delay!

Does any HP printer perform sublimation?

Yes, some printers are specifically designed for sublimation printing. They use special ink or paper and use sublimation technology to perform the task. They are usually expensive and consume more power supply than ordinary inkjet printers.

Can the HP printer anyhow be converted for sublimation?

There are conflicts, some people say it can be converted, while others claim complications in its conversion. Well, technically an HP printer can be converted into sublimation with some modifications, but there will be both pros and cons for this type of printer conversion, and it’s risky for your printer and driver.

Steps for converting an HP printer for sublimation:

Converting your HP printer into a sublimation printer is complicated. Here are the steps to attempt the conversion:

  1. First, check if you printer is compatible with sublimation.
  2. Second, buy sublimation ink and paper for better print quality.
  3. Then, replace regular ink cartridges with sublimation inks.
  4. After that, adjust the print settings on your computer for sublimation printing.
  5. Lastly, run a test print before proceeding further.

Even after conversion, HP printers do not work well for sublimation.

Considerations before conversion:

Before trying sublimation printing with an HP printer, keep these points in mind:

  1. Warranty: Changing your printer could cancel the warranty, so be careful.
  2. Print Quality: Sublimation inks may give different results. So, expect some changes in color and vibrancy.
  3. Substrate Choice: Not all materials work well with sublimation. So, pick the right ones for the optimum results.

HP printers are not suitable for sublimation why?

Converting an HP printer for sublimation is not appropriate for several reasons:

  1. Ink Compatibility: Sublimation printers need special ink that regular HP printers don’t use.
  2. Temperature and Pressure: Sublimation printing requires high heat and pressure, which regular HP printers can’t handle.
  3. Printhead Damage: Sublimation inks might harm a printhead and other parts of an HP printer.
  4. Warranty Issues: Try to modify an HP printer for sublimation can void its warranty.

It’s better to invest in a sublimation printer designed specifically for this job instead of conversion.

Bottom line:

HP printers are not made for sublimation. In sublimation printing, we need a specific printer that uses special ink or paper and can manage heat and pressure.

While converting an HP printer into sublimation is risky, and may damage your printer or cancels its warranty. You should buy a specifically designed sublimation printer to get the best performance.


  1. Which printer is best for sublimation? 

Epson and Sawgrass printers are good and affordable for sublimation printing.

  1. Can an inkjet printer be converted into sublimation? 

Yes, an inkjet printer turned into a sublimation printer using special ink or paper.

  1. What HP printer models perform sublimation? 

Smart Tank 6001, Officejet Pro 8025, and Envy 7255 are HP sublimation printers. These specifically designed printers still show some drawbacks for sublimation printing. 

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