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How To Fill Epson Printer With Sublimation Ink Guide 2024

How To Fill Epson Printer With Sublimation Ink Guide 2024

There are more chances of making mistakes in the first attempt. And you too may be attempting to turn your Epson printer into sublimation for the first time. That is why you want to learn first about how to fill an Epson printer with sublimation ink.

Remember, filling any printer with any compatible ink needs precautions. And we can’t just get up and start doing it. So, it is necessary to pursue steps to fill an Epson printer with sublimation ink ideally.

Let’s get started!

Steps to fill an Epson printer with sublimation ink:

Follow the following steps to replace the Epson printer’s ink with sublimation ink. 

1. Unplug the printer:

Make sure to unplug the printer before replacing its ink. This prevents electrical accidents while handling it.

2. Remove the previous ink:

If your printer was used before, clean the ink lines to remove old ink. This prevents colors from mixing with the new ink. Just use a printer cleaning solution a few times to ensure it’s clean.

3. Load sublimation ink:

Get sublimation ink for your printer. Some brands have refill bottles that fit into the ink cartridges. Follow the instructions to fill them. If needed, use a syringe to add the ink carefully.

4. Access the ink-filling area:

Open the front panel to access the ink-filling area to fill an Epson printer with sublimation ink. This area lets you fill the ink cartridges. So, just open the panel to see the cartridge slots.

5. Fill each cartridge with ink:

Now, open the lid of each cartridge for the ink colors of your choice. Insert the ink bottle or syringe into the appropriate slot and fill the cartridge carefully. Furthermore, avoid overfilling to prevent ink spills or cartridge damage.

5. Plug in the printer and set it up:

Plug in the printer after filling the cartridges with sublimation ink. Then, follow the instructions on the control panel to proceed further. This usually includes initializing the printer, loading paper, and aligning the ink.

6. Prints test and alignment:

Now, perform test prints and alignment prints using regular printer paper to ensure the sublimation ink is properly aligned and printed correctly. Avoid using sublimation paper for this purpose, as it can be expensive and unnecessary for alignment testing.

7. Your Epson printer is ready:

After aligning the ink and ensuring everything works smoothly with sublimation ink, your Epson printer has successfully transformed into sublimation. You can now do sublimated prints on any compatible substrate via special paper and heat press.

Wrap up:

Finally, you can fill an Epson printer with sublimation ink simply and easily. You just have to follow the steps mindfully. To summarize, take precautions like unplugging the printer and avoiding overfilling the cartridges. Once done, plug in the printer, set it up, and do test prints to ensure everything works. Now, you are prepared to explore sublimation printing on various surfaces using special paper and a heat press. Enjoy your printing journey!


  1. How much does converting a simple printer to a sublimation printer cost?

Conversion is cheaper than buying a standalone sublimation printer. It costs $50 to $200 depending on the printer and ink. Sublimation ink sets are $20 to $30, and the cleaning solution for printer lines is $10.

  1. What type of ink do we need for sublimation printing?

Special ink is used for sublimation printing and is available online or in stores with sublimation ink names, so you can easily get them.

  1. How to clean an Epson printer after printing with sublimation inks?

To switch from sublimation ink back to regular ink on an Epson printer, use Koala’s printer flush to clean the sublimation ink. Then, replace it with regular ink and resume printing. Remember to flush the lines whenever you switch between sublimation and regular ink.

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