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How to Make Money With Sublimation- 10 Powerful Strategies

You came up with the thought of sublimation earning and now you want some strategies to start your business with sublimation printing. Indeed, that is a fantastic idea to earn with a little start-up. Many like you, are making a profit with sublimation designing in the market.

Starting a business is easy but growing it is demanding, it requires hard work as well as some tips and tricks. Sublimation printing opens into multiple marketing dimensions. That is why understanding the resources and strategies of sublimation earning is necessary.

Discover the top 10 trending sublimation earning strategies or schemes if you want business success. 

Let’s begin!

Top 10 sublimation earning strategies in 2024:

Let’s explore 10 ways to boost your business and profits, and catch customers in 2024. 

1. Go Mobile – Pop-Up Markets:

Setting up a pop-up shop involves participating in remote events like Farmer’s Markets, Art Festivals, or Car Shows. Invest in essential equipment like tables, chairs, and a tent. Ensure access to electricity, as printers and heat presses require power. 

Research various events to understand their format, layout, and crowd size, and choose the ones that align with your business goals. 

In short, the pop-up market is a big source of sublimation earnings and provides an opportunity to showcase and sell your sublimation products while engaging with potential customers.

2. Use Color Charts for Perfect Color Matching:

Another strategy for sublimation earning is using color charts to ensure your sublimation prints have accurate colors every time. They’re important for print shops. 

Each material picks colors differently, so color charts help predict how colors turn out. Make color charts on fabric, hardboard, aluminum, and ceramics. Use them to check colors when printing designs. 

This approach will set you apart in a sublimation marketing career. 

3. Target a New Market:

Keeping an eye on a new market is another tip for sublimation earning. Explore new markets by engaging with your community by voluntarily participating in local events. 

Moreover, show leadership and promote your business by showcasing your products or services. Attend outdoor or indoor markets to reach a diverse audience. Be enthusiastic about your business to attract more customers and grow your brand.

4. SEO Your Website:

Make a website as an online marketplace and ensure your website shows up in search engine results using the right words related to sublimation printing and custom-designed products. 

This helps more people find your website and can bring in more customers. And results in better sublimation earning or more money making.

5. Continue to Build Your Brand:

Promoting your brand is another marketing technique for increasing your sublimation earnings. It means delivering on what you promise, being reliable, and doing a great job every time. 

When you do this, people notice and trust your brand more. Show off your brand by sponsoring events, putting your logo on things, like stickers and flyers, and supporting local causes. This helps more people see your brand and remember it.

6. Promote Sublimation Printing as eco-friendly:

Sublimation printing is environmentally friendly as it uses water-based ink only. And you can reuse both the ink cartridges and any leftover paper in it. This meets consumer demand for sustainable practices. 

Sublimation designing is beneficial, so encourage its usage among the public as a marketing strategy, to boost your sublimation earnings.

7. Introduce a New Product Line

To succeed with sublimation printing in your print-on-demand business, staying updated on what’s trending is another key to boosting your sublimation earning sales. 

Listen to customers, check Etsy for ideas, and observe big stores like Hobby Lobby. Use customer photos and artwork, and showcase samples in-store and online to boost sales.

10. Revisit Your Retail Pricing Strategy:

Revisit your pricing strategy and sale on the market rate, do timely amendments in retail prices, and don’t trade at a loss. 

When pricing your custom print-on-demand items, brainstorm their overall costs including materials, time, and shipping. 

Don’t sell sublimation products for too little, they’re valuable because they showcase customers’ customized artwork or images. Right pricing is another way for sublimation earning progress.

9. Create a Referral Program:

Moreover, ask your current customers to tell others about your shop by giving rewards to them. Colorful sublimated products catch people’s eyes and can help spread the word about your business. 

Give bonuses for referrals to increase sales and keep customers coming back. Find out what groups your customers are part of and make special samples for them. When someone in a group suggests your business, it can make it easier to make sales. 

Show off the cool things you can make with sublimation printing to catch more customers’ attention in your art. This trick may help your sublimation earning journey develop. 

10. Photograph the Products You Sell:

At last, remember to show off your work by taking pictures of what you make and sharing them online. With permission, include happy customers in the photos. This excites people about your brand and shows that you make custom items people love. 

When the customer is satisfied, they can pay the price of your choice. This is another business secret for earning handsome money.

So, implement these strategies to make the most money in this business field and boost your sublimation earnings and enlargement.


  1. Is there any money to be made with sublimation?

Yes, you can make money with a sublimation printer by starting a printing business and selling products to the public. But success depends on choosing the right products to sell.

  1. Is sublimation worth the investment?

Investing in sublimation printing is worthwhile because it produces bright lasting designs without fading or cracking.

  1. What sublimation sells?

With sublimation, you can customize clothing, and items like mugs, coasters, and tote bags beautifully.

  1. Is sublimation expensive?

Sublimation business start-up is costly because you need the set-up of printers, inks, paper, and printing software.

  1. Where can we sell sublimation designs?

Selling digital sublimation designs on Etsy can help you find new customers and expand your business.

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