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Home » Blog » How to print T-shirts using printers? : A step by step guide

How to print T-shirts using printers? : A step by step guide

How to print T-shirts using printers? : A step by step guide

Are you thinking of printing T-shirts using printers? But unfortunately, you don’t know “How to print T-shirts using printers”? No worries we will guide you.

Remember, printing T-shirts using printers is simple. You can even do it at home. All you need are the materials, and you can proceed further.

Whether you are printing T-shirts using printers for personal use or as a profession to earn a handsome income, pursuing the procedure first is necessary to perform the task correctly! So, if you want to learn the skill today, continue reading! 

Steps for printing T-shirts using printers:

We know that printing T-shirts using printers is easily accessible and cost-effective today. Following are the steps of this process; 

Step 1: Gather Your Materials:

Gather all the necessary materials before beginning the printing process. Such as;

  • A computer with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc for designing.
  • A printer for transfer paper: Inkjet printer.
  • Transfer paper specifically designed for fabric printing.
  • A plain cotton or polyester T-shirt.
  • An iron or a heat press.
  • Scissors

Step 2: Design Your T-Shirt:

Now, create the design on your T-shirt using software you like, also decide the size and position of that design and make sure it’s perfect for a T-shirt.

Step 3: Print Your Design onto Transfer Paper:

When your design is finished, put the transfer paper into your printer the right way. Print on the shiny side of the paper so it sticks to the fabric. First, try printing on regular paper to check. If it doesn’t look good, adjust your printer settings.

Step 4: Prepare Your T-Shirt:

Now, lay your T-shirt flat and smooth it. If you have a heat press, heat it to the temperature on the transfer paper. For an iron, set it to the fabric-printing temperature, usually cotton.

Step 5: Transfer the Design onto the T-Shirt:

Put the paper with the print on the T-shirt where you want it, print side down. Ensure it(a paper) is in the center and straight. To add heat, use a heat press or iron and press hard and evenly. Follow the instructions on the transfer paper regarding how long and hard to press.

Step 6: Peel Off the Transfer Paper:

When the transfer process is finished, gently take off the transfer paper while it is still warm. Be careful not to spread or move the design.

Step 7: Allow the T-Shirt to Cool:

After that, let the T-shirt cool or dry completely before touching or wearing it. This ensures that the transferred design sets properly onto the fabric.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Once the T-shirt has cooled, inspect the transferred design for any imperfections. If necessary, touch up the design using fabric markers or paints.

Step 9: Care Instructions:

Follow the care instructions i.e. wash in normal to cold water and avoid harsh detergents like bleach to make your printed T-shirt last longer. 

Common Issues and their solutions:

Some common issues may occur while printing T-shirts using printers, these are as follows with their solution;

1. Fading or Blurry Prints:

In this case, check your printer’s ink levels and use good-quality transfer paper for fabric printing.

2. Design Not Transferring Completely:

If this happens, apply enough heat and pressure when transferring. With an iron, press firmly and evenly.

3. Peeling or Cracking Design:

In this situation, make sure the T-shirt is clean before transferring. A heat press can give better and longer-lasting results.


To conclude, printing T-shirts using printers is a simple and cost-effective technique. Just follow the above steps with concentration and you can create professional-looking designs. So, gather the required material, show your talent, and print custom T-shirts anytime!


  1. Is specific ink used for t-shirt prints?

Yes, a specific ink is used for custom t-shirt printing, that dries quickly and does not rub off on your skin or clothing even after multiple washes.

  1. Can we use an inkjet printer for printing t-shirts?

Yes,  you can use an inkjet printer for t-shirt printing via transfer paper. 

  1. What’s the commonly used method to print t-shirts?

Well, there are numerous methods to print t-shirts with the printer but the most common one is the “Heat transfer method”.

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