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How to start sublimation mug printing step-by-step Guide

How to start sublimation mugprinting

Start sublimation mugprinting can be a difficult task for beginners. Yes, many beginners do not know the materials and right equipment. So, dear readers, do not worry. We are here to explain essential materials, equipment, and simple steps. 

Equipment for sublimation mug printing includes a heat-resistant tap, sublimation ink, sublimation paper, and a sublimation cup. You also need a computer, a heat press, and a sublimation printer to start printing sublimation mugs. Let’s explore the easy steps to using these to start sublimation mug printing! 

What are the Materials & Equipments Required for Print Sublimation Mugs

Here are the materials and equipment for sublimation mug printing! 

Materials Required

Mugs: The sublimation should be covered with a ceramic mug to print. 

Ink: It is important to the sublimation mug printing process. since heat causes it to convert into gas. 

Paper: You have to use special paper because good paper can easily handle the sublimation ink and transfer it to the ig.

Heat-resistant Tape: Tape designed to endure high heat to secure the paper onto the mug.

Equipment Required

Sublimation Printer:

The sublimation printer is the king of sublimation mug printing because it prints your designs like pictures or text to your sublimation paper. 

Heat Press Machine:

A heat press machine helps you to transfer the design from the paper to the mug. 


It helps you to make the designs for your mug before the printing. 

How to Choose the Right Sublimation-Ready Mugs

How to start sublimation mugprinting

Check for Sublimation Coating

Ensure the mugs have a special polymer coating for sublimation.This coating allows the ink to bond properly during the heat transfer process.

Material Quality

Choose mugs made from high-quality ceramic. High-quality materials ensure durability and a smooth, even surface for better print results.

Size and Shape

Keep in mind that you should choose the mug that is the right size and shape.Because there are many sizes available choose the suitable size. 


Opt for white or light-colored mugs for the best print results. Light colors provide a better canvas for vibrant and accurate colors.

Supplier Reputation

Buy from reputable suppliers who specialize in sublimation products. Reliable suppliers provide consistent quality and may offer product guarantees or support.

Cost and Quantity

Consider your budget and required quantity. Purchasing in bulk can often reduce the cost per mug, making it more economical for large projects.

Heat Resistance

Ensure the mugs can withstand the high temperatures used in sublimation printing. Good heat resistance prevents cracking or damage during the transfer process.

8 Simple Steps to Sublimation Mug Printing

It’s time to tell you how you can easily start sublimation mug printing!

Step 1: Design Selection

Firstly, you will hire the best graphic designer to design beautiful images to print on your mug. The images should be eye-catching. 

Step 2: Printing

When you have decided which design is best, you have to use a printer to transfer the design to the sublimation paper. 

Step 3: Mug Preparation

You should clean the surface of the mug. This means you will remove dust and germs from your mug, which will give you the best result. 

Step 4: Secure Paper

To keep the printed design from moving, place it on the mug and wrap it with heat-resistant tape. 

Step 5: Heat Press Setup

After that, you will set up your heat press machine. But keep one thing in mind it should be according to the recommended temperature. 

Step 6: Transfer Process

You must place the mug in the heat press and apply pressure to transfer the design onto it. 

Step 7: Heating

Then, you will heat your mug but for a specific duration. It is very essential because it will help you to ensure the proper transfer of the design. 

Step 8: Final Inspection

Lastly, you have to remove the mug from the heat press. But do not forget that you should remove it carefully. And then, leave it to cool. After that, you will see the design has a permanent print on your mug. Now, enjoy the coffee with a sublimation mug!

Tips for successful sublimation mug printing

Here are some easy tips that you should keep in mind when you are doing sublimation mug printing!

Clean Your Mug

Firstly, before starting the printing process. You should clean the mug. This means it should be clean and clear from dust and germs. 

Choose the Right Design

You should create the design according to the style and color of the mug. Because it will give you the best look and be eye-catching. 

Time It Correctly

Remember to follow the instructions and guidelines because they will help you achieve the best result. Additionally, by following the guidelines, you can easily print the design on the mug. 

Secure the Paper

To prevent the sublimation paper from slipping when printing, attach it to the mug using heat-resistant tape.  

Check Temperature Settings

You should check and verify the heat press. For example, check whether it is suitable. And keep in mind that the temperature must be normal. 

Inspect and Enjoy

When you have completed the printing process. You should check the mug for any adjustments if needed. And then you should enjoy it. 

Sublimation mug printing: Pros and cons


1. Vivid Colours

It is one of the best advantages of sublimation mug printing. It will make your mug bright and eye-catching. This means they can easily leave the last impression in front of everyone. 

2. Long-Lasting Prints 

Thai prints stay fantastic for a long time, so you can enjoy your tea or coffee for a long time. They do not fade or crack easily, so use your mug and wash without any tension. 

3. Full-Color Printing

If you want detailed pictures, you can easily print many colors. It will enhance your designs and also leave a lasting impression on everyone. 

4. Seamless Designs

Without any gaps, you can print completely around the mug. As a result, the design appears continuous and fluid.

5. Cost-Effective for Small Batches

If you want to print the designs on a few mugs, it will not be expensive for you! Yes, you can easily print it instead of investing a lot of money in it. So, use it for your gifts or the purpose of business. 

6. Quick Turnaround

The sublimation mug printing is very fast! Yes, it can save you precious time. Because it can quickly print the design on your mug. And take little time to print.


Slow Production Time: Printing a lot of migs can take a lot of time. 

Requires Precision: The smallest mistake can affect the result of the printing. 

High Initial Costs: It can be costly for a tight budget. 

Limited Material Compatibility: You can print only the free material of the mug. 

Closing part: Sublimation mug printing

It’s time to wrap up this discussion. Sublimation mug printing is a very straightforward and quick method. Yes, using all the easy and simple steps that we Java explored, you can easily print the design on your mug. 

Additionally, there are many benefits of sublimation printing. Like; easy process, durability, excellent quality, etc. so, why are you still waiting? Start sublimation mug printing and give it as a gift to your loved one! 


Q1: Can I use a regular inkjet printer for sublimation mug printing?

No, you have to use a special sublimation printer for sublimation mug printing. 

Q2:  Are all mugs suitable for sublimation printing?

No, only polyester-coated mugs are suitable for sublimation printing.

Q3: Can full-color, complex designs on sublimation mugs be printed?

Yes, of course, full-color complex designs can be printed on sublimation mug 

Q4: Can I print all around the mug without any gaps?

Yes, you can print all around the mug without any gaps. 

Q5: Is sublimation mug printing durable?

Yes, sublimation mug printing is very durable and can not crack or fade. 

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