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Sublimation vs Infusible Ink- Who Wins Print Technique?

Choosing the one ink Sublimation vs infusible ink has become difficult for people. Because people do not know they are used for different purposes, these inks are mostly the same but have a few differences. 

If you are a beginner, making things at home, and looking for an easy process, infusible ink is the best for you. For high-quality and professional results, go for sublimation ink. Let’s move on and show the key information and the difference between Sublimation and infusible Ink!

What Is Sublimation Ink? 

Sublimation ink is a special kind of ink. It turns into gas when you heat it. This gas goes into the materials to print the designs on it. It makes the design bright and sharp. It gives you a long-lasting life to your print. Additionally, it is the best choice to transfer the design to polyester fabrics like mugs. 

What Is Infusible Ink?

Infusible ink also works the same as sublimation ink. But it is designed to work with craft machine-like circuits. It is also durable and can node crack or fade. This ink is the best for transferring the design to the material specially designed for infusible ink. 

Sublimation vs Infusible Ink- Comparison Table

FeatureSublimation InkInfusible Ink
DurabilityIt is very long-lasting.It is also long-lasting but less than sublimation ink.
PriceThis ink is available at a reasonable priceThis ink can be costly per project
UsabilityIt is best for professional or large projectsIt is a great choice for DIY and works with circuit
MaterialsYou can use it on polyester materialsYou can use it with Cricut-compatible items
ColorIt offers bright and sharp colorIt also produces sharp and bright colors.

Are Infusible Ink And Sublimation Printing Identical Processes?

No, infusible ink and sublimation printing are not identical processes. But they are very similar processes and uses. Both inks use heat to transfer the design onto the materials. 

Infusible ink is the Cricut brand product. It is designed for DIY projects. On the other hand, A stronger method used for professional settings is sublimation printing. Both are almost the same, but infusible ink is very easy and simple to use

 Advantages Of Sublimation Ink:

Here are the advantages of sublimation ink!

 Wide Range Of Items

It is one of the best advantages. You can use it on many polyester materials, such as plates, mugs, phone cases, etc. Yes, you have the freedom to print the design with this ink. So, pick any one of the following products, print the beautiful design, and give it to your friends as a gift.

 Long-Lasting Prints

When you print the design on any material, it will give you the best and longest life. This means the design can not fade or crack. You can easily wash it anytime. The beauty of this design will never get old and will look like new after washing. 


The sublimation process is known for its eco-friendly features. After printing the design using sublimation ink, Any natural element like rain, sunlight, or air can not affect your product. 

Fast Production

If you have multiple projects to complete in one day, this ink is your best choice! The sublimation process is one of the best methods for printing the design quickly, so you can print the designs on many materials in one day. 

Disadvantages Of Sublimation Ink:

  • It is not good for cotton.
  • This ink needs special types of materials like polyester to print the designs
  • It has Limited color choices for dark prints.

Advantages Of Infusible Ink:

Here are the advantages of infusible ink! 

 Easy To Use

If you want to start your new printing business. But afraid to start because of a difficult process. So do not worry; infusible ink is the best because it is very simple. There is no technique to use it. Their user-friendly feature allows beginners to start their own business with an easy and simple process. 

Smooth Finish

The designs created using infusible ink have a polished, silky touch. Because they don’t tear or split, your projects will appear clean and well-finished.

Wide Color Range

This ink is the best for applying the different shades in the printing process. Because it offers different beautiful shades that you can use in your printing process, all shades are beautiful and can make your product eye-catching. 

Disadvantages Of Infusible Ink

  • It can be costly to setup 
  • The process of this ink can be time-consuming for many projects 
  • It requires careful control of temperature to transmit.

Sublimation Vs Infusible Ink: Which One Is The Best?

Both inks are good for printing the designs onto your materials, but it depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you are making things at home and looking for an easy and simple way to print the designs, fusible ink is the best choice for you! It works very well with circuit machines.

On the other hand, sublimation ink is the better option if you require expert and superior outcomes. Therefore, determine which one best suits your demands first! 

Wind Up: Sublimation Vs Infusible Ink

Finally, it’s time to conclude this topic! We hope that you can now easily make the decision about which ink is suitable for your printing process. Both inks transfer the design to many materials, such as mugs, pillows, phone cases, shirts, etc. 

Additionally, there are many benefits to using these inks. One of the main benefits is that sublimation printing gives a high-quality result. Infusible ink is very user-friendly and allows you to choose many color shades. Lastly, pick any one ink and start your new business! 

FAQS: Sublimation Vs Infusible Ink

Q1: What’s the main difference between Sublimation and Infusible Ink?

A: The main difference is that sublimation ink provides more polished and superior results. And the use of infusible ink is very simple.  

Q2: Which method is more cost-effective for beginners, Sublimation or Infusible Ink?

A: Infusible ink is more cost-effective for beginners. 

Q3: Can you use Infusible Ink on any material?

A: No, Infusible Ink is best for specially coated materials.

Q4: Do you need a special printer for Infusible Ink?

A: No, you do not need to use a special printer to use infusible ink. 

Q5:  Which one should I choose for DIY projects at home?

A: Infusible is best for DIY projects at home. 

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