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What are the 5 best printer drivers for Windows 10?

What are the 5 best printer drivers for Windows 10?

Selecting the right printer driver for our Windows 10 computers makes us confused! Because the printing process isn’t as simple as we think! What are the 5 best printer drivers for Windows 10 available today? This is the frequently asked query. In this article, we have presented the top 5 printer drivers and their use as well as benefits.

We can’t deny that printing is a fundamental task in personal as well as professional settings and brings digital content into the physical world. And a printer driver acts as a translator between your computer and printer, helping in their effective communication. If you want to make informed decisions then let’s see What are the 5 best printer drivers for Windows 10 today.

Let’s begin!

List of top 5 printer drivers for Windows 10 in 2024:

Here is the list of 5 best printer drivers for Windows 10!

1.Windows Built-in drivers:

First, Windows built-in drivers are available for Windows 10 computers and one of the top printer drivers. Built-in drivers are already present inside your Windows 10 computer.  Windows 10 frequently includes built-in drivers for many typical printer models. 

These drivers are like built-in helpers that let your computer talk to your printer. When you plug your printer into your Windows 10 computer, it usually knows what to do and installs the drivers it needs all by itself. It’s like having all the basic tools you need right in your hands and makes printing simple with no additional effort.

2.Official manufacturer drivers:

Second, official manufacturer drivers are available specifically for Windows 10 computers. You can download official drivers from the printer’s manufacturer for the best experience. HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, etc have these drivers on their websites so you can easily download them. 

These drivers are compatible with your printer model and suit Windows 10  best. Moreover, you can access additional features and settings by installing the official drivers that are not present in the built-in drivers. 

3.Universal print drivers:

What are the 5 best printer drivers for Windows 10?

Third, UPDs make printing easier in spots with lots of printers. It is one of the best printer drivers for Windows 10. Instead of having a special driver for each printer, a UPD can handle multiple printers of the same brand at a time. This means less work for the people who manage the printers. They don’t have to install and update drivers for each printer model, which saves time and effort. 

UPDs also make things simpler for Windows 10 users because they get the same printing experience no matter which printer they use. Plus, when new printers come out, UPDs can often work with them without needing big changes. So, UPDs are like the helpful friends that make printing a lot smoother for everyone involved!

4.PostScript drivers:

Fourth, the postScript drivers are like the artists of printing because they make really good prints with lots of details on Windows 10. They use a special language called PostScript to tell the printer exactly how to make the page look perfect. 

Big companies like Adobe offer these drivers, which are great for printing things like pictures and fancy fonts. If you care a lot about how your prints look, especially for stuff like brochures or photos, then a PostScript driver could be just what you need for your Windows 10 computer.

5.Open-source drivers:

At last, open-source drivers are also one of the top 5 printer drivers for Windows 10. Open-source drivers are special software programs made by a community of people who share their work freely. They’re like free tools for your printer that anyone can use. 

These drivers are created by a group of people who share their work openly, without charging anything. This means you can use them without spending money.  They work with many printers and on Windows 10 computers without any issues. So, if you want a cheap and dependable option for printing, open-source drivers are perfect!


To conclude, picking the right printer driver for your Windows 10 computer is easy. You have lots of choices, like built-in drivers, official ones from the printer maker, universal drivers, PostScript drivers, and open-source drivers. Just think about what you need, and there’s a driver for you. Understanding your options helps you pick the best one for you, so you can print smoothly and bring your digital stuff to life. So, go ahead, check out your options, and make printing simpler and more fun than ever!

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